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Golden Week! Golden Week! Goooooooooooooooooooolden Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!

It's almost over now (tomorrow's the last day (T_T)) but I've been off work since last Wednesday. Lots of fun stuff's been going on, which I'll try and sum up without making it sound boring in handy bullet post! form!

- Didn't do all that much in the morning/afternoon.
- Took purikura with Laura.
- Ran into a bunch of base geinin, including both Makoto-san and Mizumoto-san from span!, selling tickets for a show the following week.
- Which we bought, despite Mizumoto-san having the long-term memory of a goldfish and/or worse eyesight than Ohno.
- I took a photo of Laura with Mizumoto-san, though I was nervous and my hands were shaking, so we had to take it again.
- Yes, I am scared of span!-san. Shut up.

- Spent most of the morning at the post office, sending money to various places.
- As well as some packages, so if I've promised you mail recently, you just might be in luck!
- In the evening Emilie came down from Tokyo to spend time visiting with us!

- More time at the post office!
- Then I hung out with Emilie while she worked in Laura's apartment.
- Dinner! And ice cream!
- Sarah came down from Tokyo to join us on vacation in the evening, and we hung out talking for quite a long time.

- About a week ago I'd ordered tickets for a multi-group concert, thinking the concert was happening in September. Then I realized..... it was happening on Saturday instead. Oops.
- But I managed to drag Laura, Emilie, and Sarah along with me anyway.
- So we went to see Nico Touches the Walls, Going Under Ground, and flumpool with a group from Kobe called WEAVER opening.
- Show was GREAT.
- Afterward we got in line for goods, where WEAVER was signing copies of their indie cds, and Nico was shaking hands with everyone who bought their goods.
- Got in line for WEAVER cds, partly 'cause I didn't really like the Nico t-shirt designs, partly 'cause the line for the was out the door and around the lobby outside.
- WEAVER signed stuff for us, and flipped out when we spoke to them in Japanese. And again when we bought tickets for their next show. They also said that carrying my train pass around attached to my bag didn't suit me. Strange boys.
- I also reached over the line barricade and bought tickets for Nico's next show, which surprised them. But they totally sold them to us, and now they know that we'll be in the crowd next month!
- After the show we went and did karaoke for three hours! And purikura!
- Then we went and talked until forever.
- And watched the third episode of The Quiz Show! Where I proceeded to flip out about Kimi-kun being HOT when he's evil.

- Slept late (you would too, if you'd been awake talking until 4am)!
- Went with Sarah, Emilie, and Laura out to Amemura for food and a trip to the JShop for ticket files (I didn't get any, as they didn't have any new designs... and it is forbidden that I reuse the same design).
- We all met up with Alyson, and then we wandered over to Mandarake and looked at their old Johnny's goods.
- Once again we stayed up until about 5am talking about all sorts of things and watching some owarai dvds.

- Slept late again! My sleep schedule is never going to recover.
- Got some food at an izakaya before seeing Emilie and Sarah off at the train station as they went back to Tokyo. (T_T) Come back again!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Got ice cream at a restaurant while Alyson got food (she'd just gotten off work).
- Then we walked over to another restaurant and got more ice cream.
- Managed to go to sleep before it got light outside again! Yay!

And that pretty much brings us up to date!


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