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Monday: My conversational Japanese lesson. Told my teacher for the first time that I'm aiming for the 2kyuu test this July, and he said I should pass it (I think I will, as long as I get my kanji taken care of.... If not, I'll be retaking it in December).

Tuesday: My grammar Japanese lesson. I've been working through the 2kyuu grammar book for a while, and I think it's going pretty well. Etsuko assigned me some homework - I need to go to the library and see if they've got some of the books with old JLPT exams in them, so I can practice on the actual test without having to actually, you know, buy a book that you can only use a couple of times.

Wednesday: Laura, Dani, and I went to base yoshimoto! Now that I get off work earlier, as well as having a shorter commute, I'm able to see owarai again! This is very exciting for me. After the show we waited for the geinin to come out and start selling tickets for the next week.... even though none of us could make it. Instead, we talked to Sho-san from sakana DVD (we did hanami with him a couple years ago) because Laura wanted a picture of his dye job 'cause she wants to copy it. Then we said hi to Mizumoto-san (the crazy one from span!) and he insisted that today we were going to have a picture taken with both him and Makoto-san. So we waited around a bit and just before everyone was leaving he pulled his aikata over and told him to pose for a photo with us.

There's another group one and then one of Dani with span!-san up on my flickr.

Thursday: Laura and I went to see Weaver at BigCat! Weaver, the opening band at the concert we went to in Golden Week was playing with four other groups from Kobe. One of the cds we'd gotten from Weaver was a demo for this concert, with one song from each of the groups performing, and I've been listening to it a lot over the last week or so. So I was looking forward to seeing the other groups almost as much as Weaver. I ended up buying cds from 3/4 of the new groups. After the show we talked to Weaver a bit, and they all thanked us for coming and said they were really happy to see us there. We also got a photo with them (don't have a copy of that one yet, will have to bug Laura) and gave them our mail addresses.

Friday: I finally finished my book during my lunch break, and it's rather amazing how depressed it made me - after all, Sakamoto Ryoma's been dead for nearly 150 years now, and I've known for years that he'd been assassinated and all, but still. I was emo. So when Laura mailed me to say that Kobayashi-kun had ikinari mailed her about a concert his band was having in the evening I was more than willing to go. Which is how we ended up going to two indie concerts in two days. We spent a good bit of time talking to Kobayashi-kun and Takashi (one of the guitarists in the group) throughout the night. Exchanged mail addresses with Takashi. Once again there is photo evidence of the night, but Laura has it still. After the show we got dinner, and just before we ordered, the drummer from Weaver mailed each of us.

It's been a pretty good week. (^_^)


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